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Academic Research and Publications

Academic Cooperation

To expand the school’s vision and learn the latest technological development, CCIT has signed cooperation agreements with Academia Sinica, The Industrial Technology Research InstituteITRI, National Tsing Hua University, National Chiao Tung University, National Nano Device LaboratoriesNDL, National Center for Research on Earthquake EngineeringNCREE, Virginia Military Institute, Moscow Institute of Physics and TechnologyMIPT, Central Institute of Aviation MotorsCIAM, The Central Aerohydrodynamic InstituteTsAGI, Queensland Institute of TechnologyQUT.


Academic Activities
2011.11 Conference on Information Superiority
2011.11 Conference on Military Engineering
2011.11 Systems Engineering Workshop
2011.06 Workshop on Military Engineering
2010.12 Annual & Academic Conference of Society Explosives and Propellants,ROC
2010.11 Conference on Information Superiority
2010.10 Conference on Military Engineering
2010.06 Symposia on Topics&Technologies of Explosives and Propellants
2009.11 Conference on Information Superiority
2009.05 Conference on Atmospheric Sciences for Postgraduates
2008.11 Conference on Information Superiority
2008.10 Conference on Military Engineering
2008.07 Workshop on Practice for Armed Forces Construction Projects
2008.05 Workshop on Armed Forces Engineering Management


Faculty and Facilities

Facultyemploys 92 academic postholders(89 doctors and 3 masters , including 23 professors, 41 associate professors and 25 assistant professors. 14 academics are currently pursing further education both domestically and abroad.

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Teaching buildingsCCIT has set up six teaching buildingsResearch Building, Science Building, Engineering Building, Armaments Building, Information and Library Center,six hallsAviation Hall, Ballistics Hall, Weaponry Hall, Shipbuilding Hall, Vehicle Hall, Burning Chemistry Hall, an experiment factory and an astronomical observatory.

2. Major LaboratoriesThe 30 major labs are Normal Physics Lab, Applied Optics Lab, Photoelectric Material, Photodynamics Lab, Impact Mechanics Lab, Instrumental Analysis Lab, Electron Telescope Lab, Cellular Operation Lab, Internal-combustion Engine Lab, Communication Lab, Microprocessor Lab, Aqua Engineering Lab, External Ballistics Lab, Internal Ballistics Lab, Noise Lab, Hydraulic Pressure Lab, Aerial Survey Lab, Circulating Water Tank Lab, Steam Power Lab, Electronic Warfare Lab, Microwave Lab, Flame Control Lab, Explosive Lab, Low Speed Wind Tunnel Lab, Medium Speed Wind Tunnel Lab, Supersonic Tunnel Lab, High Speed Laser, Meteorological Telemeter Lab, Semiconductor Lab, Geographic Information Lab, Global Positioning System Lab.
Living Facilities for Staff and StudentsThe living facilities contain 5 dormitoriesfour-bed rooms for undergraduates and two-bed rooms for graduates, a student recreation center, an auditorium, two mess halls, a mini supermarket, a barber shop, a laundry shop, a food court and a book store.
Sports FacilitiesThe sports facilities consist of a multifunctional stadium, a variety of sports courts, a swimming pool, a gym and a running course.

5. Information EquipmentThe computer center is in charge of the Internet management, the sales development of office automation and the support for calculating teaching and research. It also provides access to Internet inside the dormitory.